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The doctor's deep knowledge and vast experience have helped many of my colleagues, friends and family members to get rid of ailments and ailments. The doctor always accurately diagnoses even in difficult cases, makes appointments that help to restore and maintain health. Elena Roiova is very attentive to everyone, without exception, who turns to her for help, helps to get qualified advice from specialist doctors. She is deservedly respected and loved by most of her colleagues and patients.

As a family doctor, she is an example. Unfortunately, the methods of work established by our Ministry of Health do not fit into its style of communicating with patients. For example, in 30 minutes it is impossible to work effectively with the patient, as required by the norms, and the schedule shifts, and queues arise.

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Doctors prescribed me medications and I haven't been to the hospital for almost a year. It turned out that this happened already from Viagra. She examined me completely, sent me for an ultrasound. She said to undergo daily monitoring by Holter. The doctor advised me to undergo coronary angiography.

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